Western Front: France: 1918 and 1944
Rome and the Popes. Translated from the German ... by REV. W. J. Wiseman.
Shaking the Bee Tree
Lamberhurst: Jewel of the High Weald, Important Buildings and Walks
Gendered Kiwi: paperback
Climate Change: Financial Risks
A Life In Pictures
One Year Later: Medicaid's Response to Systemic Problems by the Death of Deamonte Driver
Corporate Inversions
Fighting Meth in America's Heartland: Assessing Federal, State, and Local Efforts
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Examining the Need for a Guest Worker Program
Pipeline Safety: A Progress Report Since the Enactment of the Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002
National Defense Authorization ACT
Energy Policy Act of 2005
National Flood Insurance Program: Issues Exposed by the 2005 Hurricanes
Marrying Mr. Right: Book 3: Mr. Right Series
Special Abilities
The Spirit of Meekness Recommended for the Reducing of the Erroneous and Such as Have Dissented from the Church of England / By William Smythies ... (1684)
The Fair Jilt, Or, the History of Prince Tarquin and Miranda Written by Mrs. A. Behn. (1688)
The Tragedies of the Last Age Consider'd and Examin'd by the Practice of the Ancients and by the Common Sense of All Ages in a Letter to Fleetwood Shepheard, Esq. / By Mr. Rymer ...: Part I. (1692)
Pearls of Eloquence, Or, the School of Complements Wherein Is Shewed a Brief Description of Beauty, Virtue, Love, and Eloquence: Composed for the Good and Benefit of Young Ladies (1658)
No Wit, [No] Help Like a Womans a Comedy / By Tho. Middleton, Gent. (1657)
The Astrologer Anatomiz'd, Or, the Vanity of Star-Gazing Art Discovered by Benedictus Pererius; And Rendered Into English by Percy Enderbie, Gent. (1674)
To Consider Possible Impeachment of United States District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr. (Part IV)
Federal Agency Protection of Privacy Act of 2005
A Reliance on Smart Power--Reforming the Foreign Assistance Bureaucracy
Homeland Security: Tracking International Students in Higher Education - Progress and Issues Since 9/11
Puerto Rico Status
Hearing on Military and Overseas Voting: Obstacles and Potential Solutions
Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement ACT, and the Identity Theft Investigation and Prosecution Act of 2003
Congressional Record Vol. 154, No. 19
Reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank
Chaos and Madness: The Politics of Fiction in Stephen Marlowe's Historical Narratives
Plant Superintendent A
Head Laundry Supervisor
Multiple Residence Inspector
Motor Control: Theories, Experiments, and Applications
Pharmacist III
Building and Zoning Administrator
A Discourse Upon Gondibert an Heroick Poem / Written by Sr. William D'Avenant; With an Answer to It, by Mr. Hobbs. (1650)
Charity Commended, Or, a Catholick Christian Soberly Instructed by J.C. (1667)
Cambridge Library Collection - Education: The Educational Writings of John Locke
The Symbolic Process and Its Integration in Children - A Study in Social Psychology
Decameron Physiologicum, Or, Ten Dialogues of Natural Philosophy by Thomas Hobbes ...; To Which Is Added the Proportion of a Straight Line to Half the Arc of a Quadrant, by the Same Author. (1678)
Making Jam - A Selection of Recipes and Articles
Advanced Auction and Contract Bridge Tactics for the Keen Player
The Chemical Processes of Fermentation, Decay and Putrefaction
Mr. Johnson's Speech Which He Deliver'd to His Friend to Be Printed (as He Mention'd at the Place of Execution.) (1679)
A Discovery of Subterranean Treasure (Viz.) of All Manner of Mines and Minerals, from the Gold to the Coal with Plain Directions and Rules for the Finding of Them in All Kingdoms and Countries (1679)
A Sermon Preach'd at the Election of the Governour, at Boston in New-England, May 19th 1669. by John Davenport. (1670)
A Brief Account of the New Sect of Latitudinarians Together with Some Reflections Upon the New Philosophy / By S.P. of Cambridge; In Answer to a Letter from His Friend at Oxford. (1669)
Critical List of the Mollusca of New Zealand Contained in European Collections, with References to Descriptions and Synonyms. by E. Von Martens. [Edited by J. Hector.]
Catalogue of the Birds of New Zealand, with Diagnoses of the Species. by F. W. Hutton.
The Croydon Gold Field, North Queensland. a Full ... Account ... with Survey Plans.
A Hand-Book to Western Australia.
A Handbook to the Colony of South Australia. [With a Map.] Edition, 1870
Catalogue of the Tertiary Mollusca and Echinodermata of New Zealand, in the Collection of the Colonial Museum. by F. W. Hutton.
Tokelau: A Historical Ethnography
Legal Studies Capstone: Assessing Your Undergraduate Education
Who Gets Represented?
How to Use Your Imagination to Make Money (Business Classic)
Up Front from Behind
Liebe Nach Dem Zweiten Blick
Every Wine Tells a Story a Collection of the Most Memorable Bottles of 2010 to Warm the Wine Lover's Soul, as Told by 29 International Wine Experts
Master Self Publishing 2011 Edition: The Little Red Book
The Psalms of David in English Meeter Set Forth by Francis Rous. (1643)
L'amicizia Oltre La Vita
Exile Corporation
Contract Farming for Production and Export of Vegetables in Bangladesh
Double Sequence Spaces and the Difference Operator
Disunited in Diversity
Supervision of Banks to Minimize Non Performing Loans
Katherine Anne Porter's Adaptation of Joycean Paralysis
Global Ecological Footprint
Architectural Estimator
Program Specialist (Aging Services)
Assistant Director of Custodial and Security Services
Community Services Coordinator
Supervising Senior Citizens' Club Leader
Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Counselor
A Trip to Norway in 1873. by Sixty-One [G. H. Hely-Hutchinson?] ... with Illustrations by F. Milbank ... and Miss A. Millbank.
A Handy Illustrated Guide to Football
Assistant Captain
The Idler in Italy.
The Land of the Castanet: Spanish Sketches ... Illustrated.
A False Step: Or, Real Life in Australia. a Tale. by Marc.
About England with Dickens ... with ... Illustrations.
Registers of Broad Chalke, Co. Wilts, from 1538 to 1780. Edited by the REV. Cecil Gurden Moore.
Our Parish Registers; Being Three Hundred Years of Curious Local History ... of the Parish of Waltham Holy Cross.
A Four Months' Tour in the East.
Jokes for Kids from the School Bus
The Power of Blessing Study Guide
Stupid Adult Jokes: Jokes Too Nasty for Kids
The Power of Mother
Ethical Decision Making and Effective Leadership
The Wrong Idea
The Destiny of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia
Gamma Ray Spectrometric Analysis of Surface Soils Around Mrima Hill
Dcf and Risk-Neutral Valuation
The Blue Nile Issue
Current Challenges Linked to the Eu Health Claim Regulation
The Curse of the Golden Inca
The Power of Belief in Business
Leading the Revolution
Private Prison Information Act of 2007, and Review of the Prison Litigation Reform ACT: A Decade of Reform or an Increase in Prison and Abuses?
A Covert from the Storm, Or, the Fearful Encouraged in Times of Suffering from REV. 2. 10: Fear None of Those Things Which Thou Shalt Suffer ... / By Nathanael Vincent ... (1671)
Senior Drug Abuse Educator
The Modern Muse
de Poematum Cantu Et Viribus Rythmi (1673)
Meditations on the Fall and Rising of St. Peter by Edward Reynolds ... (1677)
A Discourse of Earthquakes as They Are Supernatural and Premonitory Signs to a Nation with a Respect to What Hath Occurred in This Year 1692, and Some Special Reflections Thereon (1693)
Cheerfull Ayres or Ballads First Composed for One Single Voice, and Since Set for Three Voices / By John Wilson ... (1660)
Medicinal Councels, or Advices Written Originally in French by Dr. Theodor Turquet de Mayerne ...; Put Out in Latine at Gevena by Theoph. Bonetus; Englished by Tho. Sherley ... (1677)
Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Vulnerabiliy to Poverty
Multimedia Annotations and Vocabulary Learning
The Docks
Foreign Influences on Medieval English
Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics: Spring/Autumn 2010
A Relation of the Late Embassy of Monsr. de Chaumont, Knt. to the Court of the King of Siam with an Account of the Government, State, Manners, Religion and Commerce of That Kingdom. (1687)
Assertio Septem Sacramentorum, Or, an Assertion of the Seven Sacraments, Against Martin Luther by Henry the Eighth ...; To Which Is Adjoin'd His Epistle to the Pope, Mr. John Clark's Oration (1688)
A Letter to a Deist, in Answer to Several Objections Against the Truth and Authority of the Scriptures (1677)
The Problems of Aristotle with Other Philosophers and Physitians: Wherein Are Contained Divers Questions with Their Answers Touching the Estate of Man's Body. (1683)
Poems on Several Occasions, Written in Imitation of the Manner of Anacreon with Other Poems, Letters and Translations. (1696)
Iran: Reality, Options, and Consequences. Part I--Iranian People and Attitudes
Dance to the Music of Story: Understanding Human Behavior Through the Integration of Storytelling and Complexity Thinking
Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2004
Narrowing the Nation's Power: The Supreme Court Sides with the States
Special Olympics
Managing Chaos--The Iraqi Refugees of Jordan and Syria and Internally Displaced Persons in Iraq
Climbing Costs of Heating Homes: Why Liheap Is Essential
Liverpool and Neighbourhood in Ye Olden Time. with Fragments Historic and Legendary of Lancashire and Cheshire.
Santo, Lucia, and Co. in Austria, ... Where They've Been ... and What They Paid.
New Zealand, Its Advantages and Prospects, as a British Colony; With a Full Account of the Land-Claims, Sales of Crown Lands, Aborigines, Etc.
The History of Chilton in the County of Bukingham. [By Thomas Delafield. a Separate Issue of Appendix No. 2 to the 1818 Edition of Parochial Antiquities by White Kennet, Bishop of Peterborough.]
Pilgrimage to the Caaba and Charing Cross. [With a Portrait.]
Handbook to Canterbury, New Zealand. with Map.
Rambles in the Lake District, July, 1857, Reprinted from The Albion, Liverpool.
The Scottish Press and the Gipsies.
Understanding Generalist Practice, International Edition
Herbal Supplements: Efficacy, Toxicity, Interactions with Western Drugs, and Effects on Clinical Laboratory Tests
The Mothers Legacy to Her Unborn Child by Elizabeth Joceline. (1684)
Letters To Christian Leaders: Hollow Be Thy Claims
The Eternal and Intrinsick Reasons of Good and Evil a Sermon Preach'd at the Commencement at Cambridge on Sunday the Second Day of July, 1699 / By John Edwards ... (1700)
The Charge of the Scottish Commissioners Against Canterburie and the Lieutenant of Ireland Together with Their Demand Concerning the Sixt Article of the Treaty (1641)
The Bath Road. History, Fashion and Frivolity on an Old Highway ... Illustrated by the Author, Etc.
The History of Lymington, and Its Immediate Vicinity ... Containing a Brief Account of Its Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Productions, Etc.
Articles on the Ethnology of New Zealand. Reprinted from the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.
Microcomputer Systems Coordinator
Madrilenia; Or, Pictures of Spanish Life.
Officer Corps Occupations (Ins)
Ultrasound Technician
Resident Re-Certification Specialist
Nanny Returns
Systems Engineer
Voices from the Grave: Two Men's War in Ireland
Get Intimate with Tantric Sex: Be a better lover and discover a fresh approach to sexuality
Boost Your Confidence With NLP: Simple techniques for a more confident and successful you
The Little Book of Big Promises: A Three-Step Process for Uncovering Your Soul's Plan
Networking and Information Technology Research Advancement ACT
Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Human Activities Contributing to the Warming of the Planet?
International Consumer Protection Act of 2003
The Supplemental Security Income Program
Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights ACT Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006 (Part II)
Reauthorization of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety ACT and the Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety ACT
Confirmation Hearing on the Nominations of William H. Pryor, JR. to Be Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit and Diane M. Stuart to Be Director, Violence Against Women Office, Department of Justice
The Literary Spotlight
Va Health Care: Access Delayed, Access Denied
The Green Mountain Boys, a Historical Tale of the Early Settlement of Vermont
Zombie Eye for the Living Guy
The Goldfish: Being the Confessions of a Successful Man
Nominations of Hon. Ruth Y. Goldway and Tony Hammond
The Other Fellow and Tile Club Stories
'arabi Liblib: Egyptian Colloquial Arabic for the Advanced Learner. 3: Idioms and Other Expressions
The Black Bull
The Man from Home
Now Is the Time for Mercy
McAllister and His Double
The Injured Princess, Or, the Fatal Vvager (1682)
The History and Fall of Caius Marius a Tragedy, as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal / By Thomas Otway. (1696)
The Foliage Garden: Leaf Texture and Tone
Chinatown and China City in Los Angeles
Representing Africa in American Art Museums: A Century of Collecting and Display
A Relation of the Great Sufferings and Strange Adventures of Henry Pitman, Chyrurgion to the Late Duke of Monmouth, Containing an Account ... (1689)
A Paraphrase Vpon the Song of Solomon by G. S. (1641)
Ayres and Dialogues (to Be Sung to the Theorbo-Lute or Bass-Viol.) by John Gamble. (1657)
The Psalms of David in Meeter. Newly Translated, and Diligently Compared with the Original Text, and Former Translations. More Plain, Smooth, and Agreeable to the Text, Then Any Heretofore. (1676)
The Girl Phillipa
Hidden Things Made Manifest by the Light in a Plain Distinction Between Condemnation and Temptation, Wherein Is Shewed How the Righteous Law of God Is Ministred Upon the Transgressor (1664)
In War Time
The Name Altar, Or, Thysiasterion, Anciently Given to the Holy Table a Common-Place, or Theologicall Discourse, in a Colledge Chappell, More Then [Sic] Two Years Since / By Joseph Mede ... (1648)
Saint Thomas of Canterbury and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary: Historical Dramas
Captain Ravenshaw
United Airlines-Us Airways Merger
Children of Catastrophe: Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America
Judith Shakespeare: Her Love Affairs and Other Adventures
The Life and Times of Oliver Goldsmith Vol. 1
In a Winter City
Soldier's Handbook for Defense Against Chemical and Biological Operations and Nuclear Warfare
The Amazing Duchess Vol2
Stone Cold
Modeling Urban Dynamics: Mobility, Accessibility and Real Estate Value
The Internet and the College Campus: How the Entertainment Industry and Higher Education Are Working to Combat Illegal Piracy
Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry: Hardy to Mahon
Learning with Computers I (Level Green Grade 7)
Medical Care Administrator
Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator
The Rest of Faith That Is, Soules Fixed and Established in God by Believing on Him Through the Lord Jesus Christ: With the Grounds of This Faith from Sanctified Reason, the Benefits of Faith (1657)
The Role of Social Science Research in Disaster Preparedness and Response
A Discourse of a Method for the Well Guiding of Reason, and the Discovery of Truth in the Sciences (1649)
Multilingualism and Language Practices of Minority Youths in China
Observations Upon the Laws and Customs of Nations, as to Precedency by Sir George MacKenzie ... (1680)
Afar Politics and Its Implication in the Horn of Africa
Re-Purposing a Video Game to Facilitate Second Language Acquisition
Masora. a Collection Out of the Learned Master Joannes Buxtorfius's Commentarius Masorethicus. / By Clement Barksdale. (1665)
The Hind and the Panther a Poem, in Three Parts. (1687)
Catastrophe Mundi, Or, Merlin Reviv'd in a Discourse of Prophecies and Predictions and Their Remarkable Accomplishment: With Mr. Lilly's Hieroglyphicks Exactly Cut (1683)
Early American Architecture: From the First Colonial Settlements to the National Period
Dubai Wives: A Novel
The Delphi Technique in Nursing and Health Research
The Network Effect: A Practical Guide to Making - and Keeping - the Connections That Can Make Your World Go Round
The Essaies, And, Religious Meditations of Sir Francis Bacon, Knight, Attorney General to King James the First (1688)
Jamie's Dinners
Geography: What It Is, and How to Teach It.
An Account of the General Nursery, or Colledg of Infants, Set Up by the Justices of Peace for the County of Middlesex with the Constitutions and Ends Thereof. (1686)
A True Copy of a Letter Written by N. Machiavill in Defence of Himself and His Religion Translated from an Original Copy. (1691)
Recollections of My Life. by Maximilian I., Emperor of Mexico.
How to Write the History of a Parish.
My Captive
The Tyranny of the Dark
The Way of the Panther
Muriella, or Le Selve
The Backsliders
Her Husband's Country
The Old Madhouse
The Painted Woman
Adventures and Enthusiasms
Bolivia: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette
The End of the Party
Reclaiming Jesus: Making Sense of the Man without the Miracles
Glimpses of Eternity: An investigation into shared death experiences
The Psychic Pathway: Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul
Dancing Jax
Marching to the Mountaintop: How Poverty, Labor Fights and Civil Rights Set the Stage for Martin Luther King Jr's Final Hours
All My Fault: The True Story of a Sadistic Father and a Little Girl Left Destroyed
Chen Style Taijiquan
Beyond The Matrix
The Endless Web
Shadow Yoga, Chaya Yoga
Awaken To Healing Fragrance
Raw Family Signature Dishes
Macrobiotics For Life
Eternal Chanel: An Icon's Inspiration
The War on Terror
Tapestry in the Baroque: New Aspects of Production and Patronage
Discoverers of the Universe: William and Caroline Herschel
Power in Uncertain Times: Strategy in the Fog of Peace
Regional Sales Program Coordinator
Facilities Engineer
Cambridge Essential Histories: Mass Appeal: The Formative Age of the Movies, Radio, and TV
Welfare Management System Coordinator
Health Facilities Manager
Walney Island Girl
Blind Trust
The Portuguese: A Portrait of a People
Hannah Starkey: Twenty Nine Pictures
Fresh Flower Arranging: Step-By-Step Designs for Home, Weddings, and Gifts
Is Breast Best?: Taking on the Breastfeeding Experts and the New High Stakes of Motherhood
Betty Zane
The Role of Transnational Corporations in Economic Globalization
Rural Woman's Health: Work During Pregnancy and Birth Outcome
ABC Blessing Book for Girls
Middling English: Caroline Bergvall
Gondola Days
Laguerre's and Well-Worn Roads
Trade Mission to Czech Republic, Egypt, and Morocco
Recherche Et L'Innovation Dans L'Enseignement L'Education, Un Levier Pour Ameliorer La Sante Et La Cohesion Sociale, La
Argentina's Economic Meltdown: Causes and Remedies
Employer Access to Criminal Background Checks: The Need for Efficiency and Accuracy
The Financial Outlook of the U.S. Postal Service
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars)
H.R. 5215, Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act of 2002
China's Criminal Justice System
Full Committee Hearing on Respa and Its Impact on Small Business
Memorial to Honor Armed Forces; Requirements for Name on Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr.; And Center for Vietnam Veterans Memorial
The Imperial Tragedy Taken Out of a Latin Play, and Very Much Altered / By a Gentleman ... (1669)
Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation: Are We Doing Enough?
Detma Basilike a Sermon Preached at the Kings Prison in the Fleet on the 30th of January, 1681, Being the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of King Charles I, of Ever Blessed Memory. (1682)
The Divine Aut[h]ority and Usefulness of the Holy Scripture Asserted in a Sermon on the 2 Timothy 3, 15 by R. Allestree ... (1673)
Englands Appeal from the Private Cabal at White-Hall to the Great Council of the Nation, the Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled by a True Lover of His Countrey. (1673)
Fragmenta Carceris, Or, the Kings-Bench Scuffle, with the Humours of the Common-Side the Kings-Bench Litany: And the Legend of Duke Humphrey / By Samuel Speed ... (1674)
Assistant Principal, Elementary School
The Constant Nymph, Or, the Rambling Shepheard a Pastoral, as It Is Acted at the Duke's Theater / Written by a Person of Quality. (1678)
Principal, Elementary School
Philosophie Und Wissenschaft in Der Antike: Kleine Schriften Zu Ihrer Geschichte Und Ihrer Bedeutung Fuer Die Gegenwart
Information and Communication Technologies Towards Sustainable Social Development in India
Blog Journalism as an Online Public Sphere
Under the Fridge's Light
Taste Wine on the Web
The Lord's Unfailing Love
The Panegyrike and the Storme Two Poetike Libells by Ed. Waller, Vassa'll to the Usurper / Answered by More Faythfull Subjects to His Sacred Ma'ty King Charles Ye Second. (1659)
The Keweenaw Reader: A Collection of Facts, Stories and People from the Most Beautiful Part of the Strangest State.
An Account of the Persecutions and Oppressions of the Protestants of France (1686)
Saudi Arabia: Friend or Foe in the War on Terror?
A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of Sir John Buckworth, at the Parish-Church of St. Peter's Le Poor in Broadstreet, December 29, 1687 by John Scott. (1688)
Seasonable Thoughts in Sad Times Being Some Reflections on the Warre, the Pestilence, and the Burning of London, Considered in the Calamity, Cause, Cure / By Joh. Tabor. (1667)
The Fiscal Year 2010 Budget for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Coast Guard
The President's Fiscal Year 2011 Budget
Credit Reports: Consumers' Ability to Dispute and Change Inaccurate Information
Post-Acute Care
Green Medicine
Commentary on Galatians
Looking for the Lost God of England
Duncan's Ritual and Monitor of Freemasonry
Journal of Dutch Literature 2010-1
Little Monks Lakshmi
Money Makes Me Crazy!: A Prescription for Money Sanity
Tactimania: Find the Winning Combination
Toxic Substances Control ACT and the Chemicals Management Program at EPA
Hydroelectric Legislation
Hearing on the Presumptive Nomination of General Eric K. Shinseki, to Be Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Asbestos Litigation
Defective Products: Will Criminal Penalties Ensure Corporate Accountability?
Managing Biomedical Research to Prevent and Cure Disease in the 21st Century: Matching Nih Policy with Science
Designing Defensible Classroom Programs for Gifted Secondary School Learners: A Handbook for Teachers
Maharajah of the Road: Bollywood to Jodhpur - a Different Way to Drive
Sappho's Gift: The Poet and Her Community
A Brief Discovery of God's Eternal Truth and a Way Opened to the Simple Hearted Whereby They May Come to Know Christ and His Ministers, from Antichrist and His Ministers (1663)
The Rainbow Colors: Learning Primary and Secondary Colors
There's No Room for Doubt: The Just Shall Live by Faith
Protecting the Homeland: The President's Proposal for Reorganizing Our Homeland Defense Infrastructure
A Breife Memento to the Present Vnparliamentary Ivnto Touching Their Present Intentions and Proceedings to Depose and Execute Charles Stewart, Their Lawful King / By William Prynne ... (1649)
Genetic Non-Discrimination: Examining the Implications for Workers and Employers
The Employment Non-Discrimination ACT
Credit Card Fair Fee Act of 2009
Freedom of Expression
Nanotechnology: The State of Nano-Science and Its Prospects for the Next Decade
Nclb Reauthorization: Effective Strategies for Engaging Parents and Communities in Schools
Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, 1999
Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act of 2001
To Consider Possible Impeachment of United States District Judge Samuel B. Kent of the Southern District of Texas
The Bishop of London's Ninth Conference with His Clergy Upon the Fifth and Tenth Injunctions Given by the King, February the 15th, 1694/5 Held in the Years 1695 and 1696. (1699)
An ACT to Protect Indian Arts and Crafts Through the Improvement of Applicable Criminal Proceedings, and for Other Purposes.
Assistant Administrative Director
Supervisor's Handbook of Mnemonic Devices
Supervision Test
Persons Unknown
The Gospel for Little Ones
Pompeii and Other Lost Cities
A Literary Pilgrimage, Among the Haunts of Famous Authors
What You Can Give
Linking the Threads: A Tribute to a Litvak Tailor
The Mansion of Mazes
Awesome Astronomy
The Cavern of Clues
Assessment of the Seismic Behavior of the Structures
Particle Formation and Encapsulation Using Supercritical Anti-Solvent
Preserving the American Dream: Predatory Lending Practices and Home Foreclosures
The Anointing
Mandatory Binding Arbitration Agreements: Are They Fair for Consumers?
Modernization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ACT
The Impact of Aquatic Invasive Species on the Great Lakes
Executive Compensation: How Much Is Too Much?
Day Trading: An Overview
Enforcement of Environmental Laws
Profiles in Hue
Tom and the Troubled Teens: Suicide Seth
Review of Department of Defense Detention and Interrogation Policy and Operations in the Global War on Terrorism
Choosing Ethnicity, Negotiating Race: Korean Adoptees in America
The Impact of the Drug Trade on Border Security
Illustrated Course Guide: Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced
Hearing to Review Rural Broadband Programs Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment ACT
The Iraqi Oil for Food Program and Its Impact
Homeland Security Advisory System: Threat Codes and Public Responses
United States Department of Justice
Economic Growth and Job Creation
Strengthening America's Middle Class: Finding Economic Solutions to Help America's Families
Syncategoremata: Henrico de Ganavo adscripta
Reaching Sustainable Housing
Implementation of Sustainable Multi-Blended Binders
Effects of the Proposed Arrangement Between Dhl and Ups on Competition, Customer Service, and Employment
NASA's Integrated Space Transportation Plan and Orbital Space Plan Program
Mortgage Lending Reform: A Comprehensive Review of the American Mortgage System
Us Airways Flight 1549 Accident
Review of the General Accounting Office Report on Fema's Activities After the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001
Combating Terrorism: Interagency Framework and Agency Programs to Address the Overseas Threat
Allegations Concerning Conduct of Department of the Interior Employees Involved in Various Aspects of the Cobell Litigation
Workforce and Career Development Act of 1996
International Maritime Security II: Law Enforcement, Passenger Security and Incident Investigation on Cruise Ships
New Technologies in Railroad Safety and Security
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
H.R. 2716, Homeless Veterans Assistance Act of 2001; And H.R. 936, Heather French Henry Homeless Veterans Assistance ACT
Department of Commerce Proposed Anti- Dumping Regulations and Other Anti- Dumping Issues
H.R. 2622--Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003
Tissue Banks: Is the Federal Government's Oversight Adequate?
Defining the Future of Campaign Finance in an Age of Supreme Court Activism
School Research Associate
School Social Worker
School Research Technician
Examiner, Board of Examiners
School Research Assistant
Nursing Homes: More Can Be Done to Protect Residents from Abuse
Private Pensions: Multiemployer Plans Face Short- And Long-Term Challenges
Military Base Closures: Better Planning Needed for Future Reserve Enclaves
Biomass Gasification
Aviation Security: Challenges Exist in Stabilizing and Enhancing Passenger and Baggage Screening Operations
Aviation Security: Efforts to Measure Effectiveness and Strengthen Security Programs
Aviation Security: Registered Traveler Program Policy and Implementation Issues
Medicare: Modest Eligibility Expansion for Critical Access Hospital Program Should Be Considered
The Grades Are In!--Is the Department of Homeland Security Measuring Up?
Manufacturers of Fema Trailers and Elevated Formaldehyde Levels
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Are Current Safeguards Protecting Taxpayers Against Diploma Mills?
Energy Efficiency of Buildings
Farm to Fork: Partnerships to Protect the Food You Eat
To Consider Possible Impeachment of United States District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr. (Part II)
Union Salting--Organizing Against Small Business
Beyond the Checklist: Addressing Shortfalls in National Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
Rfid Technology: What the Future Holds for Commerce, Security, and the Consumer
Assessing the National Pandemic Flu Preparedness Plan
Hearing on Political Speech on the Internet: Should It Be Regulated?
EPA Water Enforcement: Are We on the Right Track?
Animal Enterprise Terrorism ACT
Assessing Data Security: Preventing Breaches and Protecting Sensitive Information
Fair Use: Its Effects on Consumers and Industry
Oversight Hearing on Salton Sea Stabilization and Water Quality Improvement
School Psychologist-In-Training
Tempest in the Tropical Paradise
Portraits in Literature: The Jews of Poland: an Anthology
Gandhi's Vision of Social Transformation
The Argonauts
Chemical Engineering
My Lady's Garter
Moses and Egypt
Casa Braccio, Part II
The Depot Master
The Boy Knight
The Real Book about Spies
New Studies in Christian Ethics: Series Number 31: Market Complicity and Christian Ethics
Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques
Tales of the Barbarians: Ethnography and Empire in the Roman West
From now to eternity
Dramatic Opinions and Essays with an Apology Vol. 2
A White Umbrella in Mexico, and Other Lands
The Trident and the Net
The Madonna of the Hills, a Story of a New York Cabaret Girl
Secret and Historic Memoirs of the Courts of France: The Private Memoirs of Louis XV
Brass: A Novel of Marriage
On the Field of Glory
Tom Grogan
The Tribe of Issachar, Or, the Ass Couchant a Poem. (1691)
Accounting Principles, Standards, and Requirements: Title 2 Standards Not Superceded by Fasab Issuances
Then and There: A 1970s Diary
Conversation in a Train and Other Critical Writings: hardback
Dei Incarnati Vindiciae Contra Varias Execrabilis Haeretici, Fausti Socini Blasphemias, AC Perniciosissimas Hallucinationes. (1693)
HUD Inspector General: Actions Needed to Strengthen Management and Oversight of Operation Safe Home
James Braithwaite
A Discourse Concerning the Nature of Christ's Kingdom with Relation to the Kingdoms of This World in Two Sermons Preach'd at St. Maries Before the University of Cambridge / By Miles Barne ... (1682)
English Oak and Spanish Gold
Colonel Greatheart
A History of the Reformation, the Reformation in Germany
The Tiger of Mysore
Campaigning with Grant
The Lotus Woman
In the mood for mood
Aardvarks/Cerdos Hormigueros
The Effect of Economic and Social Embeddedness of Firms
Reporting System in Multi-Funded Organisations
Interrelating with Animal Selves
Assessing Foreign Business Environment and Its Uncontrollable Elements
Barrio Democracy in Latin America: Participatory Decentralization and Community Activism in Montevideo
The Sinners Last Sentence to Eternal Punishment, for Sins of Omission Wherein Is Discovered, the Nature, Causes, and Cure of Those Sins / By Geo. Swinnock. (1675)
The Magnet, a Romance of the Battles of Modern Giants
The Rogue, Or, the Life of Guzman de Alfarache in Two Parts / Written in Spanish by Matheo Aleman ... (1656)
The Conqueror
Revolt, an American Novel
The Victory
Samantha in Europe
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents Vol. 33, No. 20
The Rose of Old St. Louis
The Scarlet Rider
The Holy Trinity- God for God and God for Us: Seven Positions on the Immanent-economic Trinity Relation in Contemporary Trinitatian Theology
Joannis Miltonii Angli, Epistolarum Familiarium Liber Unus Quibus Accesserunt, Ejusdem, Jam Olim in Collegio Adolescentis, Prolusiones Quaedam Oratoriae. (1674)
Software Engineering Reviews and Audits
Introduction to Statistical Limit Theory
Grandma and Me Oh What Do We See When We Go to the Zoo?
Recipe For Chocolate Soup
The Length of Tears: From Boy to Man, from Haiti to the USA
Between the Gates of Heaven and Hell: My Crazy Crayola World
Are You Aware?: Vision Into the Unseen
Confederate American
Understanding the Needs of Children and Families Especially During Times of Military Deployment
Jesus: Son of God, Clone of God: Solving the Mystery of The Trinity
Energy and Agriculture
Youth Violence Prevention Program
FASB Derivative Accounting Standards
Promoting U.S. Worker Competitiveness in a Globalized Economy
Need for Internet Privacy Legislation
'Bump-Up' Policy Under Title I of the Clean Air ACT
EPA Black Carbon and Global Warming
Practicing Islam in Today's China: Differing Realities for the Uighurs and the Hui
Acquisition Reform: Comparison of Army's Commercial Helicopter Buy and Private Sector Buys
Stabilization and Reconstruction: Building Peace in a Hostile Environment
United Nations: Progress of Procurement Reforms
Medicare: Application of the False Claims ACT to Hospital Billing Practices
Military Operations: Actions Needed to Better Guide Project Selection for Commander's Emergency Response Program and Improve Oversight in Iraq
Military Bases: Closure and Realignment Savings Are Significant, But Not Easily Quantified
Elderly Voters: Some Improvements in Voting Accessibility from 2000 to 2004 Elections, But Gaps in Policy and Implementation Remain
Tax Administration: IRS' Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
A Sermon Preach'd Before the King at White-Hall, Jan. 30, 1674/5 at the Anniversary Commemoration of the Martyrdom of King Charles I / By George Stradling ... (1675)
Tax Administration: Tracking Taxpayer Information about
Money Laundering: Fincen's Law Enforcement Support, Regulatory, and International Roles
Consumer Product Safety Commission: Additional Steps
CFO Act of 1990: Driving the Transformation of Federal Financial Management
Managerial Cost Accounting Practices: Department of Agriculture and the Department of Housing and Urban Development
Final Audit Report on the Wapato Irrigation Project, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Aviation Security: Measures for Testing the Impact of Using Commercial Data for the Secure Flight Program
Surface Transportation: Issues Associated with Pipeline Regulation by the Surface Transportation Board
Information Security: Progress Made, But Federal Aviation Administration Needs to Improve Controls Over Air Traffic Control Systems
No Child Left Behind ACT: Most Students with Disabilities Participated in Statewide Assessments, But Inclusion Options Could Be Improved
Air Pollution: Emission Sources Regulated by Multiple
Aviation Security: Transportation Security Administration Has Made Progress in Managing a Federal Security Workforce and Ensuring Security at U.S. Airports, But Challenges Remain
Emergency Management: Status of School Districts' Planning and Preparedness
Defense Acquisitions: The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Encountered Difficulties in Design Demonstration and Faces Future Risks
A Concise Guide to Boston, Lincolnshire.
Military Base Closures: Observations on Prior and Current Brac Rounds
Aviation Security: Cost Estimates Related to Tsa Funding of Checked Baggage Screening Systems at Los Angeles and Ontario Airports
Aviation Security: Enhancements Made in Passenger and Checked Baggage Screening, But Challenges Remain
Aviation Security: Tsa Has Strengthened Efforts to Plan for the Optimal Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems, But Funding Uncertainties Remain
The Dissolution of Yugoslavia and the American Diplomacy 1991-95
Description of the Model of the Central Part of Ancient Rome as It Existed at the Close of the Reign of the Emperor Constantine, about A.D. 335. by R. Caton ... Second Edition. [With a Plate.]
English Reading for Efl Students
My Financial Guide to Success: What You Should Have Learned in School and at Home
The Considerations of a Citizen on a Pamphlet Lately Published, on the Proposed Pier and Harbour at Dunleary, Etc.
The Safety Zone, 2000
An ACT to Provide Federal Assistance for Indian Tribes in a Manner That Recognizes the Right of Tribal Self-Governance, and for Other Purposes.
The Electronic Records Preservation at the White House
Strategic Communications and Countering Ideological Support for Terrorism
Implementing the Education Consensus: The Federal Role in Supporting Vocational-Technical Education
E-Fencing Enforcement Act of 2008, the Organized Retail Crime Act of 2008, and the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act of 2008
Forgotten Veterans: Improving Health Care for Rural Veterans
The Benefits of Physical and Health Education for Our Nation's Children
To Review Proposals to Improve Child Protective Services
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Recent Washington D.C. Airspace Incursions and Reopening Reagan National Airport to General Aviation
Other Transaction Authority: Flexibility at the Expense of Accountability?
Chemistry: The Study of Matter and Its Changes
Learning and Cognition
Adult Learning and Education
Supplier Assessment from Environmental Perspective
Dieselautos in Deutschland Und Den USA: Zum Verhaltnis Von Technologie, Konsum Und Politik, 1949-2005
Wildlife Welfare in Zoos
Survival of Little Seed Canary Grass Seeds in Rice-Wheat Systems
Skanks: Raunchy Tales of Distasteful Dating
Artemissmith's Odd Girl Restored: Originally Anne Loves Beth
Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology
Organizational Behavior: Tools for Success
Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning: Novel Strategies
The Mistaken Advantage by Raising of Money Discovered in a Letter to a Friend. (1695)
Military Airlift: Savings Achievable by Eliminating Support Operations at Torrejon Air Base, Spain
The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy: How Social Networks Are Radically Transforming Your Business
Joannis Calvini Opera Selecta, Vol. II
The Concourse of Victory: Volume III of the Course Books
Life, the Universe, and Everything: An Aristotelian Philosophy for a Scientific Age
Reauthorization of the Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Safety Program
Escape from the Nazis: The Incredible and Inspiring Saga of Two Young Jews on the Run in World War II Poland
Bioterrorism, 2001
Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004
Penguins: Life in the Colony
Engineering Mathematics
Book Xplorer
Cengage Advantage Books: The Enduring Vision, Volume II
Customized Agile Development Process for Embedded Software Development
Reforming and Strengthening Defined Benefit Plans: Examining the Health of the Multiemployer Pension System
Warlords, Militias and Security Sector Reform in Afghanistan
Implementation of the Interethnic Adoption Amendments
Risk Management and Regulatory Failures at Riggs Bank and UBS: Lessons Learned
Harm Reduction or Harm Maintenance: Is There Such a Thing as Safe Drug Abuse?
Performance-Based Budgeting
Trade Relations with Europe and the New Transatlantic Economic Partnership
H.R. 1553, President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board Reauthorization ACT
AIDS: Toward Long-Term Treatment Options
Examining Success in Vocational Education
Doors of the Night
Pilgrimage, Honeycomb
The Opened Shutters
King Mombo
Jenny Essenden, a Romance of the Other Woman
Tristam the Jester
Science and Ethics of Human Cloning
A Prisoner in Fairyland
Confronting Recidivism: Prisoner Re-Entry Programs and a Just Future for All Americans
The White Peacock
Nomination of Lynn C. Leibovitz to Be an Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia
Stabilizing Rural Electricity Service Through Common Sense Application of the Endangered Species ACT
Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery ACT
CEO Compensation in the Post-Enron Era
High School Reform: Examining State and Local Efforts
Saving Our Seniors: Preventing Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
Advanced Manufacturing and Biotechnology
Ma Pettengill
The Fortunes of Fifi
The Real World
Twice Crowned, a Story of the Days of Queen Mary
The Runaway
Flame in the Wind
The Silver Butterfly
The Scarlet Beast
The Honor of Savelli
Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War
Investigation on Wood of Sesbania Sesban (L.) Merr, Fabaceae
Internal Strategic Success Factors for Technology Joint Ventures
Parental Socio-Economic Background: Implication for Students' Outcome
Cultivation of Artemisia (Artemisia Annua L.) in Ethiopia
Rural Household Endowment and Poverty
The Effect of Microfinance Service on Poverty
Unlocking Charitable Giving
Data Mining: Current Applications and Future Possibilities
Hiring of Administrative Law Judges at the Social Security Administration
Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Issues
Pricing Practices of Hospitals
Myths and Facts about Human Growth Hormone, B-12, and Other Substances
Financial Services Issues: A Consumer's Perspective
Social Security Number and Individual
Content Protection in the Digital Age: The Broadcast Flag, High- Definition Radio, and the Analog Hole
H.R. 1578, Real Estate Investment Trusts [Reits]: Can They Improve the Thrift Savings Plan?
Underwater Wireless Video Transmission Using Acoustic Ofdm
Early Intervention and Prevention of Conduct Problems in Children
An Efficient System for Sensor Tag Management
Topology Management for Multicast Video Streaming
The Ability of Orphanages to Meet Child Development Needs
The Nearest Guard: 500 Years of Protecting the Sovereign
Test Everything: Hold Fast To What Is Good
Watchdog Ngos in Malawi
Role of Micro-Hydro Power Plant in Developing Electrical Energy Market
Assessment of Pollution Profiles of Some Surface Water in Niger Delta
The Role of Celebrity Advertising on Brand Loyalty and Patronage
Eccentric Cylinders Rheometer
Room 101 and Other Stories
An Assessment of Comprehensive Dental Treatment
Holding House
In Defiance of the King
Play Today Guitar
Legal Fraud: and Capitalist Corruption
The Confessions of Artemas Quibble
Postharvest Biological Control of Anthracnose on Mango
Pragmatic Knowledge and Its Reflection in Efl Materials
Blogs in Slovakia
Pakistan's Security Policy After 9/11
Serologic Markers in Screening for Coeliac Disease
Scalable Network Tomography System
Towards Effective Siwes Curriculum Development in Applied Sciences
Satiyorum, Satiyorum, Sattim!
Viaje a la Atlantida del Futuro
Jesus Christ is Greek-Hebrew Name is Yahshua
Tri the Journey: A Women's Inspirational Guide to Becoming a Triathlete in 12 Weeks
Words from the Heart
Astro Poems
Adam Abel, Or, Vain Man a Discourse Fitted for Funeral Occasions, But Serviceable to Men in All Ages and Conditions of Life to Make Them Humble and Heavenly-Minded / By Samuel Shaw ... (1692)
Handloom Industry in Tamil Nadu (1941-1955)
Governing Climate Change, a Responsibility Perspective
Evolution in Natur Und Kultur: Eine Einf hrung in Die Verallgemeinerte Evolutionstheorie
More Divisions Amongst the Quakers as Appears by the Following Books of Their Own Writing, Viz. I. the Christian Faith of New-England Quakers Condemn'd by a Meeting of Pensilvanian Quakers (1693)
The Dear Bargain. Or, a True Representation of the State of the English Nation Under the Dutch. in a Letter to a Friend. (1689)
A Dialogue or Discourse Betweene a Parliament-Man and a Roman-Catholick Touching the Present State of Recusants in England. (1641)
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen, at White-Hall March XXIII, 1693/4 / By John Tyler ... (1694)
A Perswasive to Consideration, Tender'd to the Royalists Particularly Those of the Church of England: With a Vindication of the Same. (1695)
In Savage Isles and Settled Lands. Malaysia, Australasia, and Polynesia, 1888-1891 ... with Numerous Illustrations, Etc.
The Witchery of Archery
The Origin of the World According to Revelation and Science.
A Tour in a Phaeton Through the Eastern Counties. with Sixteen Illustrations.
British Mining. a Treatise on the History and Future Prospect of Metalliferous Mines in the United Kingdom. with Illustrations.
Travels Through the Alps of Savoy and Other Parts of the Pennine Chain, with Observations on the Phenomena of Glaciers.
A Residence in Jutland, the Danish Isles, and Copenhagen. [With Illustrations.]
The Collection of the History of England by Samuel Daniel. (1650)
Paraphrasis Poetica in Tria Johannis Miltoni, Viri Clarissimi, Poemata, Viz. Paradisum Amissum, Paradisum Recuperaturm, Et Samsonem Agonisten Autore Gvlielmo Hogaeo. (1690)
The Compleat Angler, Or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation. Part. I. Being a Discourse of Rivers, Fish-Ponds, Fish and Fishing / Written by Izaak Walton. (1676)
An HOLISTIC Way In Saving The Honeybee
Fun, Fact, and Fiction: A Collection of Children's Stories and Poems
Dimwit's Dictionary
Max Capacity Training: How Unconventional Workouts Can Turn Minutes Into Muscles
God a Good Master, and Protector Opened in Severall Sermons on Esaiah 8.13.14 / By Iohn Goodwin ... (1641)
A Sermon Preached Before the Aldermen of the City of London at St. Lawrence-Church, Jan. 30, 1680/1, Being the Day of the Martyrdome of K. Charles I / By Gilbert Burnet. (1681)
A Seasonable Discourse Shewing the Necessity of Maintaining the Established Religion in Opposition to Popery (1673)
The Teign; And the Legend of Sir Bryan of Tor Bryan, from a Devonshire Album.
Code-Switching in Indonesian as a Second Language Classrooms
The Agreement in Doctrine Among the Dissenting Ministers in London Subscribed Decemb. 16, 1692 (1693)
Horological Dialogves in Three Parts Shewing the Nature, Use, and Right Managing of Clocks and Watches: With an Appendix Containing Mr. Ovghtred's Method for Calculating of Numbers (1675)
Disputatio Inter Clericum Et Militem Super Potestate Prelatis Ecclesiae Atq[ue] Principibus Terrarum Commissa Sub Forma Dialogi (1531)
Thermae Redivivae, the City of Bath Described with Some Observations on Those Soveraign Waters, Both as to the Bathing In, and Drinking of Them, Now So Much in Use / By Henry Chapman ... (1673)
Lucius Annaeus Seneca, the Philosopher, His Book of the Shortness of Life Translated Into an English Poem. (1663)
The Figure of Six Containing These Six Things: Wit, Mirth, Pleasure, Pretty Observations, New Conceits, and Merry Jests: When Dayes Are Long, This Figure May Help You to Passe the Time Away (1652)
A Collection of Letters and Other Writings Relating to the Horrid Popish Plott Printed from the Originals in the Hands of George Treby ... (1681)
A Method for Executing the Powers, Relating to the Militia and Trained-Bands According to the Acts of Parliament Since the Happy Restauration of Our Gracious Sovereign K. Charles the II. (1684)
Chemistry 245: Organic Chemistry Lab
More Than Counting: Whole Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
Hilda Lessways
James Shore's Daughter
The Ninth Thermidor
The White Stone
The Christian Latin Literature of the First Six Centuries
The Ten Dreams of Zach Peters
Scenes from Provincial Life, Vol. 2
Thomae Hobbes Quadratura Circuli, Cubatio Sphaere, Duplicatio Cubi, Confutata Authore Johanne Wallis ... (1669)
Mr. Samuel Jacomb's Short and Plain Catechism, Instructing a Learner of Christian Religion What He Is to Believe, and What to Practise (1694)
Credit Union Regulatory Improvements
His Majesties Most Gracious Speech, Together with the Lord Chancellors, to the Two Houses of Parliament at Their Prorogation, on Monday the Nineteenth of May, 1662 (1662)
Lands of Lost Opportunity: What Can Be Done to Spur Redevelopment at America's Brownfield Sites?
Intellectual Property Piracy: Are We Doing Enough to Protect U.S. Innovation Abroad?
The Future of Rural Telecommunications: Is Universal Service Reform Needed?
Federal Funding of Museums
Electronic Surveillance Modernization ACT
The Swan Creek Black River Confederated Ojibwa Tribes
Domestic Entitlements and the Federal Budget
International Maritime Security
Isaiah After Exile: The Author of Third Isaiah as Reader and Redactor of the Book
Chip Electrochromatographic Systems
Parents Groans Over Their Wicked Children Several Sermons on Prov. XVII, 25, Published for the Benefit of All, But Especially of Good Parents and Their Children / By Edward Lawrence ... (1681)
Synthesis and Photostability of New Polymers Derived from PVC
Enhancing the Role of the Private Sector in Public Transportation
To Remove Barriers to the Provision of Affordable Housing for All Americans.
Abuse of Anabolic Steroids and Their Precursors by Adolescent Amateur Athletes
S. 2349: The Playwrights Licensing Antitrust Initiative ACT: Safeguarding the Future of American Live Theater
Labor Rights and Conditions in China
Federal Procurement Policy: Is the Federal Government Failing Certain Industrial Sectors?
Status of Small Business Manufacturing in the Midwest
Policies to Enforce the Bank Secrecy ACT and Prevent Money Laundering in Money Services Businesses and the Gaming Industry
Taming the Dragon: Can Legal Reform Foster Respect for Human Rights in China?
The Impacts of Environmental Regulations on Energy and Mineral Development: The Wildlands Project
The Montreal Protocol and Global Warming
Blm and Forest Service Oil and Gas Permitting
Reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education ACT: Education for the 21st Century Workforce
Counterfeiting and Theft of Tangible Intellectual Property: Challenges and Solutions
Affordability in Higher Education: We Know There's a Problem; What's the Solution?
Terrorism Through the Mail: Protecting Postal Workers and the Public
Combating International Terrorist Financing
Parkinson's Disease Research and Treatment
United States-Taiwan Relations: The 20th Anniversary of the Taiwan Relations ACT
H.R. 2731, the Occupational Safety and Health Small Employer Access to Justice Act of 2003
A Vindication of the Rights of Ecclesiastical Authority Being an Answer to the First Part of the Protestant Reconciler / By Will. Sherlock ... (1685
Euclidis Sex Primi Elementorum Geometricorum Libri, Commodius Demonstrati A.P. Georg. Fournier ...; Accesserunt Elementa Astronomica, Ubi Theodosii Tripolitae Sphaericorum Libri Tres (1655)
A Lady's Second Journey Round the World. [Translated by J. Sinnett.]
Grumbleby Hall, or Whose Boy?.
Enter Into Thy Closet, Or, a Method and Order for Private Devotion with an Appendix Concerning the Frequent and Holy Life of the Lords Supper. (1670)
A Tour Around the World.
The Tragic Muse. [A Novel.] Vol. II
Marley Castle: A Novel ... Edited by Sir G. W. Vol. II.
Dabidees Emmetros, Sive, Metaphrasis Libri Psalmorum Graecis Versibus Contexta / Per Jacobum Duportum ... (1674)
Narrative of a Journey in the Morea.
Two Girls. [A Novel.] Vol. II
Charles Lysaght: A Novel Devoid of Novelty, Etc. Vol. I
Travels in Western Africa in the Years 1819-21, from the River Gambia to the River Niger: By Major W. G., and Staff Surgeon Dochard. with an Appendix. Edited by the Former.
Market Driven Supply Chains
Concepts of Decentralization Reforms at National and Local Levels
How Universal Is Universal Primary Education
Reading the Modern American City
Seismic Wave Attenuation Across Main Ethiopian Rift and Plateaus
Internalization of Environmental Cost
From Brainwave to Business: How to Turn Your Brilliant Idea into a Successful Start-Up
Some Mathematical Models from Population Genetics: Ecole d'Ete de Probabilites de Saint-Flour XXXIX-2009
Baghdad Sketches: Journeys Through Iraq
Psychic Pets
The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better
A Special Relationship
Macarons: Authentic French Cookie Recipes from the Macaron Cafe
Essential Thermodynamics: An Undergraduate Textbook for Chemical Engineers
100 Heartbeats: A Journey to Meet Our Planet's Endangered Animals and the Heroes Working to Save Them
Ad Hoc Networks: Routing, Qos and Optimization
Pharmaceutical Toxicology in Practice: A Guide to Non-clinical Development
A Study of Inanimate Unergatives
Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management
The Divine Will Considered in Its Eternal Decrees and Holy Execution of Them by Edward Polhill ... Esquire. (1673)
Anekdota Eterouiaka, Or, the Secret History of the House of Medicis Written Originally by That Fam'd Historian, the Sieur de Varillas; Made English by Ferrand Spence. (1686)
The New State of England Under Our Present Monarch K. William III in Three Parts, Containing I. a General Account of England ... and a Survey of Wales, II. of the Original, Temper (1699)
Epictetus His Morals, with Simplicius His Comment Made English from the Greek, by George Stanhope ... (1694)
The Legal Status and the Self-Images of Translators in Turkey
Oxford Reading Tree: Floppy's Phonics: Sounds and Letters: Handbook 1 (Reception)
Silence and Listening as Rhetorical Arts
A Review of the Universal Remedy for All Diseases Incident to Coin with Application to Our Present Circumstances: In a Letter to Mr. Locke. (1696)
Iob Expounded by Theodore Beza, Partly in Manner of a Commentary, Partly in Manner of a Paraphrase. Faithfully Translated Out of Latine Into English (1589)
The Seaman's Opinion of a Standing Army in England, in Opposition to a Fleet at Sea, as the Best Security of This Kingdom in a Letter to a Merchant, Written by a Sailor. (1699)
Modern Drug Discovery: From Ideas to Clinical Candidates
The Ungrateful Favourite a Tragedy / Written by a Person of Honour. (1664)
Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Gender, Fetishism, and Popular Culture
Immanuel, Or, the Mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God Unfolded by James Usher ... (1670)
Woody-Plant Seed Manual
A Sermon Preached in Christs Church Bristol at the Assizes for That City and County, Holden August the 1st, 1676 / By Samuel Crossman ... (1676)
Physical Description of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land.
The Paris Estafette.] Pilferings from the Paris and Dover Post-Bag, Etc. [The Dedication Signed: F. L., i.e. F. Lloyd?
Creatures of Cirumstance. a Novel. Vol. II
A Short Trip in Hungary and Transylvania in the Spring of 1862.
Lincoln's Inn Fields and the Localities Adjacent: Their Historical and Topographical Associations ... with Illustrations by A. Beaver, Etc. L.P.
American Privacy: The 400-Year History of Our Most Contested Right
Norway: Its People, Products, and Institutions.
From My Heart to Yours - God the Father: God's Heart as Our Father to Our Hearts as His Children
Educational challenges in multilingual societies: LOITASA phase two research
The Catholic-Scripturist, Or, the Plea of the Roman Catholics Shewing the Scriptures to Hold the Roman Faith in Above Forty of the Chief Controversies Now Under Debate / By Joseph Mumford ... (1686)
Wits Interpreter, the English Parnassus, Or, a Sure Guide to Those Admirable Accomplishments That Compleat Our English Gentry in the Most Acceptable Qualifications of Discourse (1655)
Pen and Pencil Sketches, Being the Journal of a Tour in India ... the Second Edition.
Notes on Burgundy. by C. R. W. Edited by His Widow Anne Weld. [With a Memoir of the Author.]
Travels in Europe and the East, Embracing Observations Made During a Tour ... in the Years 1834, ... 1841.
Diversity in the Financial Services Industry and Access to Capital for Minority-Owned Businesses: Challenges and Opportunities
The Way of Transgressors. [A Novel.] Vol. II.
Ensuring Drug Safety: Where Do We Go from Here?
The Commission for Africa: Recommendations for a Coherent Strategy for Africa
U.S./India Energy Cooperation
Nuclear Weapons Complex Modernization
Moving Beyond the First Five Years: Ensuring Fema's Ability to Respond and Recover in the Wake of a National Catastrophe
At-Home DNA Tests: Marketing Scam or Medical Breakthrough?
Oxford Reading Tree: Floppy's Phonics: Sounds and Letters: Handbook 2 (Year 1)
A Collection of the Church-History of Palestine, from the Birth of Christ to the Beginning of the Empire of Diocletian by J.M., B.D. (1688)
The Six Days Adventure, Or, the New Utopia a Comedy as It Is Acted at His Royal Highness the Duke of York's Theatre. (1671)
The Interest of England Considered in an Essay Upon Wooll, Our Wollen Manufactures, and the Improvement of Trade with Some Remarks Upon the Conceptions of Sir Josiah Child. (1694)
Lapis Chymicus Philosophorum Examini Subjectus Ubi Et Ejus Ugienetike VIS AC Confectionis Modus Breviter Discutiuntur / Authore Bassetto Jhones ... (1648)
Heraclius, Emperour of the East a Tragedy / Written in French by Monsieur de Corneille; Englished by Lodowick Carlell, Esq. (1664)
The Wicked Petition, Or, Israel's Sinfulness in Asking a King Explain'd in a Sermon at the Assizes Held at Northampton, March the 1st, 1680/1 / By Fr. Giffard. (1681)
The Works of the Famous Nicolas Machiavel, Citizen and Secretary of Florence (1695)
Speculum Mundi, Or, a Glasse Representing the Face of the World Shewing Both That It Did Begin, and Must Also End, the Manner How, and the Time When, Being Largely Examined (1643)
Of Wisdome Three Bookes Written in French / By Peter Charron ...; Translated by Samson Lennard. (1670)
Wits Interpreter, the English Parnassus, Or, the Sure Guide to Those Admirable Accomplishments That Compleat Our English Gentry, in the Most Acceptable Qualifications of Discourse (1662)
Telemedicine Technologies
The California Energy Crisis: Impacts, Causes, and Remedies
The North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004: Issues and Implications
Committee Print Regarding Patent Quality Improvement
The Potential for Discrimination in Health Insurance Based on Predictive Genetic Tests
Developments in Labor Law: Examining Trends and Tactics in Labor Organization Campaigns
Performance and Outcome Measurement in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Programs
Expanding Opportunities in Higher Education: Honoring the Contributions of America's Hispanic Serving Institutions
Women and Land: Securing Rights for Better Lives
Strengthening Windstorm Hazard Mitigation: An Examination of Public and Private Efforts
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Contemporary Russian Literature
The Princess Virginia
Walking in Kingdom Authority: A Practical Jumpstart Guide to Kingdom Living
West of Castle Rock
Knowledge Father to Son: From Father to Son
100 Reproducible Reading Formative Assessments: Standards-Based Assessments Designed to Increase Student Achievement
The Sinner's Tears in Meditations and Prayers by Tho. Fettiplace. (1671)
Mercvry, Or, the Secret and Svvift Messenger Shewing, How a Man May with Privacy and Speed Communicate His Thoughts to a Friend at Any Distance. (1641)
The Fire of the Altar, Or, Certain Directions How to Raise the Soul Into Holy Flames Before, AT, and After the Receiving the Blessed Sacrament of the Lords Supper with Suitable Prayers (1690)
A Collection of Several Tracts and Dsicourses Written in the Years 1678, 1679, 1680, 1681, 1682, 1683, 1684, 1685. by Gilbert Burnet, D.D. to Which Are Added, a Letter Written to Dr. Burnet (1685)
The Use of Holy Scripture Gravely and Methodically Discoursed by William Chappell ...; To Which Is Prefixed a Preface by a Friend to the Author as an Introduction to the Treatise. (1653)
The Intrigues at Versailles, Or, a Jilt in All Humours a Comedy: Acted by His Majesty's Servants at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields / Written by Mr. D'Urfey. (1697)
The Diocesans Trial Wherein All the Sinews of D. Downams Defense Are Brought Unto Three Heads and Orderly Dissolved / By M. Paul Baynes. (1641)
Six Conferences Concerning the Eucharist Wherein Is Shewed, That the Doctrine of Transubstantiation Overthrows the Proofs of Christian Religion. (1687)
Implementing the 9/11 ACT Mandates for Enhancing the Visa Waiver Program
Passion in the Greek Islands
The Way to True Happiness Leading to the Gate of Knowledge, Or, an Entrance to Faith, Without Which It Is Impossible to Please God by Questions and Answers (1640)
The Long Time Coming
Words of Wisdom
Moments of Reflection Washington, DC and Durham, NC
How to Get Your Wife to Sleep with Chicks
Use of Zeolite Materials in Enhancing Methane Combustion Performance
Microalgal Cell Cycles
Mechanick Exercises, Or, the Doctrine of Handy-Works Applied to the Art of Smithing, Joinery, Carpentry, and Turning / By Joseph Moxon ... (1700)
A Conference of Faith Written in Latin by Sebastianus Castellio; Now Translated Into English. (1679)
GIS Based Analysis of Tstse Fly Distribution in Africa
Dialogues of the Dead Relating to the Present Controversy Concerning the Epistles of Phalaris / By the Author of the Journey to London. (1699)
The Present State of Carolina with Advice to the Setlers by R.F. (1682)
The Arraignment of Worldly Philosophy, Or, the False Wisdom Its Being a Great Hinderance to the Christian Faith, and a Great Enemy to the True Divine Wisdom / By George Keith. (1694)
Scripture-Prophecies Opened Which Are to Be Accomplished in These Last Times, Which Do Attend the Second Coming of Christ: In Several Letters Written to Christian Friends / By E. Avery. (1647)
Love in the Dark, Or, the Man of Bus'ness a Comedy: Acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesties Servants / Written by Sir Francis Fane, Junior, Knight of the Bath. (1675)
Foxes and Fire-Brands, Or, a Specimen of the Danger and Harmony of Popery and Separation Wherein Is Proved That Separation from the Church of England Is, in the Judgment of Papists (1681)
A Trip. to Jamaica: With a True Character of the People and Island. / By the Author of Sot's Paradise. (1699)
Songs Set by Signior Pietro Reggio (1680)
Hells Terror, Or, a Treatise of the Torments of the Damned as a Preservative Against Security / By That Faithful Minister in Christ, Mr. Christopher Love ... (1653)
A Sermon Preached Before the King at White-Hall November 23, 1684 by Gilbert Ironside ... (1685)
Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Sons of Jacob Translated Out of Greek Into Latin, by Robert Grosthead ... and Out of His Copy, Into French and Dutch by Others, and Now Englished. (1686)
Some Instructions Concerning the Art of Oratory Collected for the Use of a Friend [A] Young Student. (1682)
Troades, Or, the Royal Captives a Tragedy / Written Originally in Latin by Lucius Annaeus Seneca ...; English'd by Edward Sherburne, Esq.; With Annotations. (1679)
The Grounds Reasons of Monarchy Considered in a Review of the Scotch Story, Gathered Out Their Best Authours and Records / By J.H. (1650)
A Preparation for the Lord's Supper to Which Are Added Maxims of True Christianity / Written Originally in French, by P. Allix; Englished by P. Lorrain. (1688)
The Psalms of David in Meeter. Newly Translated, and Dilgently Compared with the Originall Text, and Former Translations: More Plain, Smooth, and Agreeable to the Text, Then Any Heretofore. (1650)
Ovid's Heroical Epistles Englished by W.S. (1663)
A Breviary of Roman History from the Building of Rome, to the Year 1119 ... / Writ in Latin by Eutropius; Translated Into English by Several Young Gentlemen Privately Educated in Hatton-Garden. (1684)
Her Weight in Gold
The Man from Brodney's
The Heart of Hyacinth
The Works of Charles Dickens Volume 13
Ronald E. Jones
Confessions, Books 1-8
The Story of a Cannoneer Under Stonewall Jackson
Studies in English Language: Preposition Placement in English: A Usage-based Approach
Nonparametric Tests for Censored Data
Barbarism and Religion: Volume 5: Religion: The First Triumph
Interactive Level 2 Teacher's Resource Pack
Religious and Spiritual Experiences
Gandhi in the West: The Mahatma and the Rise of Radical Protest
Microsoft (R) Publisher 2010: Comprehensive, International Edition
Ultrafast Diode Lasers
The Role of Ict in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (Efl)
The Law of Work
Simulative Radio Over Fiber Communication System
The Gay-Dombeys
The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann Vol1
The Chestermarke Instinct
The Profiteers
The Adventures of Oliver Twist
Turning Tide
The Loves of Edwy
The King's Own, the Pirate, the Three Cutters
A Yankee from the West
The Dead Command
The Agreements
Procedure for Power Deliverance
Boton de Oro, El
The Entrepreneur's Guide to Understanding Angel and Venture Investing
God's Callingl Discerning His Claim on Our Life
Nicolai Mercatoris Hypothesis Astronomica Nova, Et Consensus Eius Cum Observationibus (1664)
A Sermon Preached Before the King Upon the Twenty Seventh of February, 1669/70 by John Lord Bishop of Chester. (1670)
A Sermon Preached at Christ-Church, London, November the 2d, 1690 by David Jones ... (1690)
The Narrative of Mr. John Fitz-Gerrald Late of the Order of St. Francis, in the Kingdom of Ireland ... (1681)
The Still-Borne Nativitie, Or, a Copy of an Incarnation Sermon That Should Have Been Delivered at St. Margarets-Westminster, on Saturday, December the Five and Twenty, 1647, in the Afternoone (1648)
The Souls Warfare Comically Digested Into Scenes, Acted Between the Soul and Her Enemies Vvherein She Cometh Off Victrix with an Angelical Plaudit. (1672)
Journal of a Residence in India, Etc.
H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence and Avondale in Southern India. by J. D. Rees ... with a Narrative of Elephant-Catching in Mysore by G. P. Sanderson ... with Maps, Portraits and Illustrations.
Logie Town. a Novel. Vol. II.
A Month at Constantinople.
A History of the Old Parish of Cheadle, in Cheshire ... Also an Account of the Hamlet of Gatley, Etc.
Switzerland; Or, a Journal of a Tour and Residence in That Country, in the Years 1817, 1818 and 1819 ... Second Edition. [With Illustrations.]
Indian Trust Funds
A Tour in Greece, 1880. ... with ... Illustrations, by Lord Windsor.
The U.N. Human Rights Commission: The Road Ahead
Zuni Indian Tribe Water Settlement ACT
To Review the Federal Trade Commission's Survey of Privacy Policies Posted by Commercial Web Sites
Antitrust Issues in the Airline Industry
Weak States in Africa: U.S. Policy in Liberia
Impacts of Stress Management in Reversing Heart Disease
Nomination of the Honorable Norman Y. Mineta, to Be Secretary of Commerce
Rating the Raters: Enron and the Credit Rating Agencies
War Horns, Make Room for the Bucks with Green Bowes (1682)
A Seventh Letter, Concerning the Sacred Trinity Occasioned by a Second Letter from W.J. / By John Wallis ... (1691)
His Majesties Commission for the Rebuilding of the Cathedral Church of S. Paul in London (1685)
Dregs of Drollery, or Old Poetry in Its Ragges a Full Cry of Hell-Hounds Unkennelled to Go a King-Catching: To the Tune of Chevy-Chace. (1660)
Of Scandal (1646)
Biggles's Wharf, by the Brothers Owen. [A Christmas Story of City Life.]
The Story of Barbara; Her Splendid Misery, and Her Gilded Cage. a Novel. by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret [I.E. Mary E. Braddon]. Vol. III.
A Vindication of the Proceedings of the Late Parliament of England An. Dom. 1689, Being the First in the Reign of Their Present Majesties King William and Queen Mary. (1690)
Toilers of Babylon. Vol. II
The Exiles at St. Germains. by the Author of the Lady Shakerley..
A Voyage Round the Coasts of Scotland and the Isles.
Dangerfield. [A Novel.] Vol. II.
The U.S. Forest Service: Taking a Chain Saw to Small Business
The Monarchies of Continental Europe. the Empire of Russia; From the Remotest Periods to the Present Time.
PCB Contamination in Anniston, Alabama
Predatory Lending
Terrorist Financing: Implementation of the USA Patriot ACT
The Importance of Financial Literacy Among College Students
The Condition of the U.S. Banking System
The Role of Charities and Ngo's in the Financing of Terrorist Activities
Testimony of Ronald F. Conley, National Commander, the American Legion
Steroid Use in Professional Baseball and Anti-Doping Issues in Amateur Sports
Sea Island and Beyond: Status Report on the Global Partnership Against Weapons of Mass Destruction
That's How I Live with It, I Don't Have a Choice
Settling International Investment Disputes Through Arbitration
Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Mesoporous Silica Thin Films
Contributing to Improving of Women's Human Rights in School Settings
Effect of Modifying Microclimate in the Plastichouse on Salt Tolerance
Built-In Self-Test of Global Routing Resources in FPGAs
Factors Shaping Pre-Service Teacher Identities in an HIV/AIDS Context
Military Services' Requirement on Reconstitution of Equipment
Credit Card Payment System in Ethiopia
Away3D 3.6 Essentials
Enhancing America's Energy Security
The State of Small Business Security in a Cyber Economy
The Growing Problem of Invasive Species
A Review of FASB Action Post-Enron and Worldcom
Oversight Hearing on the Reintroduction of the Grizzly Bear in the Public Domain National Forests
Federal Electronic Records Management: What Is the Plan? What Is Our Progress?
California's Compliance with Dental Amalgam Disclosure Policies
Patient Safety: Instilling Hospitals with a Culture of Continuous Improvement
I, Thou, and the Other One, a Love Story
The Wrack of the Storm
The Young Consul
The Tale of Triona
Romance of the Italian Villas
Black Is White
Sword and Pen: English Worthies in the Reign of Elizabeth
House Construction Costs
Madam of the Ivies
Cousin Pons
Animal Rights: Activism vs. Criminality
A Fatal Fiddle: The Commonplace Tragedy of a Snob. with Illustrations, Etc. [Tales.]
Examining U.S. Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery
Wireless E-911 Compliance
Water Infrastructure
The Ethiopis-Eritrea War: U.S. Policy Options
School Violence: What Is Being Done to Combat School Violence? What Should Be Done?

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